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Re: Badiane: make-kpkg PCMCIA conflict

* Francois BOTTIN <fbottin@yahoo.com> [010314 10:50]:
> --- Jeff Coppock <jcoppock@nortelnetworks.com> wrote:
> I don't think it's necessary since the "dpkg -r" does not seem to change
> my lilo. Then the kernel should still reside in the MBR (or whatever boot
> block you use). The only danger is not beeing able to load the modules.
> But if any problem occurs, one should of course always have a boot disk.

No, you are wrong :-( . The kernel is a file in /boot (vmlinuz-x.x.x),
and dpkg -r will remove it; well, it just will unlink it, and if you are
very lucky, maybe lilo will know how to access the unlinked kernel if
you don't overwrite it...
Anyway, if you are removing the kernel package without an old kernel or
a boot disk, you are playing with fire :-)

> Yes, that's exactly what you have to do... if you compile a custom kernel
> for the first time. If you make several versions and change the revision
> number (using --revision for make-kpkg) you'll face up with a dependency
> problem: your modules (pcmcia as well as others) will not be adapted to
> your new kernel.

As someone said here, the solution is to remove the pcmcia-modules
package (you don't need to remove pcmcia-cs as long as the pcmcia
version match with the new modules you want to install), install the new
kernel, and then install the new pcmcia-modules package.


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