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Re: Weird sound problem

G'Day !

An educated guess here is that the 'Analog to Digital' chip/board and/or your
'Digital to Analog' board has failed .... Trying replacing the sound card with a
new one.

Jim Parker

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Hi All

@#$@!# it but my sound has died.  All was working fine yesterday, then
I updated my (woody) system and now all is silent.  I am using alsa and
gnome.  Everything _looks_ okay--modules loaded, esd running, volume
up--just no sound.  The only thing that I have noticed is that when I
boot I get the following message:

snd: cs461x: powerup ADC failed
snd: cs461x: powerup DAC failed

that I don't remember seeing before.  Does anyone have any ideas?

(See attached file: rblack.vcf)

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