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Re: /etc/network/options

On Mon, 19 Mar 2001, tom wrote:
> I am not sure what the flag for ip_forwarding quite means.  I know
> the concept and the echo "1" >/proc....
> I don't remember quite where it echoes to, but that's Debians job,
> right?
useful if you want to set your machine up as a router.  Usually to use
this option you would have two (or more) network interfaces (not just
ethernet but modems, etc also) and packets would come in on one interface
expecting to get to their destination.  The ip_forwarding makes you
machine forward packets between interfaces.  On a laptop this is not going
to be useful, unless you use your laptop as a router ;)

This is usually off as in theory hackers could use your machine to forward
packets into secure networks and also hide their tracks, etc.

> Does ip_forward=yes simply set this echo "1" >/proc... to be
> enabled?
you guessed right.....

> Any other options out there?
lots of others.  If you want to know more I recommend reading the

have fun


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