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Re: ailing gpm - tp380ED

On Thu, Mar 29, 2001 at 03:59:17PM -0800, JParker@coinstar.com wrote:
> G'Day !
> Beginning to think its hardware (or maybe not).  First had the problem in 
> '94 on a 486 w/ VESA Bus and maybe 8M RAM, and serial mouse.  Back then I 
> modified my startx script to kill GPM before starting the X server.
> Old habits never die  ;-)

 It won't be hardware.  The hardware doesn't decide whether the kernel
copies mouse movement info to multiple processes that have the device open
(unless the driver's behaviour changes depending on minor differences in
hardware or something!). 

 By far the most important factor is what kernel version you use, since this
problem/non-problem is dependent on exactly how the driver behaves when X
opens /dev/psaux while gpm has /dev/psaux open.  (or vice versa).

 Someone said that restarting gpm while X was running was not good, even
though they weren't using gpm in repeater mode.  This sounds somewhat
familiar, actually.  I think I've seen something like it on ps/2 mouse
systems.  One possible driver behaviour which would give this result would
be for the driver to pass mouse data to whichever program most recently
openned the device.

 I don't have time to test this now, but I can't let you get away with
blaming innocent hardware for stuff it didn't do!  ;->

#define X(x,y) x##y
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