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Re: x configuration on sony vaio

Eric Richardson writes:
 > amael wrote:
 > > 
 > > okay, i just figured this out. [...]
 > There is a file /etc/X11/Xserver. The first line states the server name
 > like XF86_SVGA. Please check this as you should not have to create a
 > symlink. Your method circumvents the way it is suppose to work in
 > Debian.

Thanks for mentioneing this Eric.  I was wondering what the message
amael reported was talking about : " ... rootonly ..."  This is what
my /etc/X11/Xserver has, maybe useful for amael:
  $ cat /etc/X11/Xserver

  The first line in this file is the full pathname of the default X server.
  The second line shows who is allowed to run the X server:
  Console      (anyone whose controlling tty is on the console)


William F. Dowling
ISI/Thomson Scientific (www.isinet.com)
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