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Re: Suspend to disk partition on ThinkPad T20

On Tue, 13 Mar 2001, Russell Coker wrote:
> I have not seen any facility in IBM laptops to do this.  All the facilities
> that I have used have been based on the "ps2.exe" program which uses space on
> an existing partition.  The space requirement is RAM + Video RAM + a small
> amount.
On the old thinkpads they used to use a partition of type a0, however it
seems that more recent thinkpads only support the DOS file suspend.
BUGGER.  However you may find that its an "undocumented" feature.  Try
creating the partition and see what happens.  I imagine IBM removed this
feature because people couldn't understand the existance of anything but
FAT partitions, this probably caused problems for re-installs.

Create a partition of type a0 and see what the BIOS says when you suspend.
If it doesn't work....then make a DOS partition and live with it.


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