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Re: Suspend to disk partition on ThinkPad T20

On Fri, 9 Mar 2001, Jacek M. Wuwer wrote:
>- Has anyone managed to successfully persuade BIOS to use suspend to
>disk partition instead of file on FATXX ( active ?? ) partition ? The
>file size with decent amount of RAM on T20 drives the allocation unit on
>FAT16 considerably.
If I'm right, you make space at the end of you harddisk, slightly more
(about 4-8Mb) than how much memory you have.  Set the partition ID to
&0xa0 (if I remeber, you want the IBM hibination one) and run the
software you got with your laptop that "format"'s the new partition.
This should sort things out.  However as I don't have a T20 you could be
on your own, however all the laptops I have set up use this process for
a hibination routine.

>( this one is slightly OT, I know, but T20 has very ugly looking fonts
>on regular console )
>- how to compile in the vesa framebuffer support in recent 2.4.x kernels
>? The code is definitely in, but I could not find the option when
>running 'make menuconfig' to turn it on ...
what you need is the "Change VGA mode" setting enabled.  This then
allows you to find a nice text console font.  There are plenty to choose
from.  The best way to work out which one is the best is to add to your
lilo.conf file "vga=ask".  On boot up (with the newly compiled vga mode
option kernel) you will be given a prompt that will allow you to select
a range of console modes.  Its trial and error from here.  Once you have
found one you like re-edit you lilo.conf file to say instead of
"vga=ask" to "vga=id" where 'id' is the number of the console font you

I hope this helps


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