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Re: Network configuration conflicts with PCMCIA ethernet card

On Sat, Mar 03, 2001 at 02:46:05PM -0300, Carlos Menezes wrote:
> Please,
> Could someone give me suggestions? I've had some problems when my PCMCIA
ethernet card  is on and I try to connect to my ISP by modem (ppp). I get
messages like 'Network is unreachable'. My /etc/pcmcia/network.opts file set
local IP to and I know that pppd assigns a dynamic IP to my
machine; it seems this is the problem, but how could I     
> configurate them correctly?
> Thanks in advance!

The problem is probably related to your having your default gateway set to
the local address, and therefore there being no route from the local address
to the new ppp address.

Since you probably don't need ethernet and modem running at the same time, a
solution is to switch off the eth0 temporarily (ifconfig eth0 down) while
you use the modem.

If you really need both at the same time, you'll have to do something fancy
with the routing configuration, which is beyond my current skill.  Check
your current routing with route -n or netstat -r.


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