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Re: installing w/udma66

On Sat, Mar 31, 2001 at 04:00:15PM -0500, Dave Linsalata wrote:
> Hey guys,
> I was wondering - if I have an udma66 HD, can I use the udma66 installation
> disk set to install Debian with the HD on the ata/66 channel?  Or do I still
> have to switch it to the ata/33 channel to install it?

 I was able to install on a desktop Athlon with an AOpen AK72 motherboard
(VIA KX133 chipset, 82c686a south bridge), and the hard drive on the UDMA66
controller.  (drive supports udma66 also). Things worked fine as long as I
didn't enable DMA.  (well, if you consider 5MB/s disk IO fine...) I'm
working on getting udma66 running with 2.4.3 + Andre Hendrick's ide patch,
but I guess I'm doing something wrong because it's still using PIO.  Still,
I was able to get linux installed without moving any drives around.  This
will work as long as it is possible to use your controller in non-udma66

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