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Re: X setup roadblock

Hello Paul

I have a Sony Picture book also (PCG-C1F), and use the XF86Config from
this web site:


It works fine with my laptop at 1024x480, so maybe worth ago for you,
thats if it is any diffent to the one you are using now.


Simon Rowe
email:  sjrowe@ewor.co.uk
www:  http://www.ewor.co.uk/

On Fri, 9 Mar 2001, Paul Johnston wrote:

> I'm setting up an X server on a VAIO PictureBook and not for the first time I 
> might add.  The only modeline value for this machine is 1024x480.  On xinit I 
> get a Fatal servor error: No valid modes found.  Tracing back up the display 
> I find the SVGA server has removed that mode claiming it won't display 
> properly on LCD (strange as it's worked fine before) .  Where do I go now?  
> Is there an incantation I can place in the XF86Config to get around this or 
> go to another rev of the server?
> Paul
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