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Re: Dynalink 10BC ethernet pcmcia

>>>>> "Claudio" == Claudio  <che@antwerpen.be> writes:

Claudio> Hi, I'm trying to make a PCMCIA ethernet Dynalink 10BC card
Claudio> work on a 2100CDS Toshiba laptop running debian 2.2r2 (also
Claudio> mandrake 7.2). The pcmcia services starts with no
Claudio> errors. 'cardctl ident gives me no information about the card
Claudio> (not even the name). 'cardctl status' tells me that there's a
Claudio> 16 bit card waiting on the bus.

I've got a Toshiba 2100CDS too.  Apparently pcmcia_cs has some problems
with the PCMCIA controller on Toshibas.  Try running tsetup from DOS (or hit
escape while booting up), and then changing the PCMCIA support to 16 bit
only (I don't remember the exact name of the option, and I don't have
the manual in front of me so I can't check).

After I did that my network card (LinkSys) worked fine.


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