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Re: Compaq Laptops and their Hard

I have a couple of compaq armadas that had the
original bios partition.  In fact, the dignostic
partition is not needed at all.  I totally formatted
the HDD to remove it and then installed Linux.  No
problems.  I have a second HDD which I also formatted
and then installed windows followed by Linux.  Again,
no problems.  The bios features (indeed a whole range
of on board hardware upgrades) for your laptop can be
upgraded with compaq softpaqs and the dignostic
partion can also be recreated with a softpaq.  Go to
compaqs website for info and downloads.

Yours, Ian

> I have a Compaq Presario 1640 laptop that happily
> ran Linux in a
> dual-boot situation for the last year and a half. 
> Recently the hard
> drive failed and, once it was replaced, I thought it
> would be a perfect
> opportunity to reclaim some disk space and reinstall
> only Linux.
> Unfortunately, Compaq does some wierd proprietary
> partitioning things to
> the hard drive and BIOS so that any installation of
> just Linux leaves me
> with a working copy that will give all sorts of
> write past sector and
> data corruption errors.  Compaq is less than
> forthcoming about how to
> overcome this.  
> So, has anyone had success installing Linux on a
> Compaq laptop?  If so,
> how did you overcome the partition issue?  
> Thanks,
> Roger Shaffer Jr.
> rashaffer@sprintmail.com

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