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Re: network and ppp configuration

Hi steve,

Since you've gotten wvdial working with your ISP, I think you may be missing 
just the nameserver information which is why you can connect to your ISP, but 
you can't connect to any web sites.

If you don't have a /etc/resolv.conf file, create it, and try putting the 
following lines in it:

nameserver xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx
nameserver xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx

This is for you primary and secondary nameservers. If you don't know them, 
ask your ISP. Note that it is possible to use any ISP's nameservers with any 
other ISP (usually).

If that doesn't work, try getting pppconfig. It's creates a connection for 
you, and is more userfriendly than wvdial. After using pppconfig to create a 
connection, type the following:

pon <name of connection>

the <name of connection> is the connection name you gave to pppconfig. I find 
that this only works for me as root though. Use 'poff' to disconnect.

And yes, you do have to download netscape from debian's FTP servers.

Good Luck.


On Sunday 18 March 2001 12:47, steven k. thompson wrote:
> I recently installed debian 2.2r2 from cds and on a Vaio F340
> and need to get it configured so I can connect to a network
> by either phone modem or ethernet.  I would appreciate any
> explanation that helps me get oriented here.
> I have a Xircom 56 CEM 100
> pcmcia card with both types of connections.  What I need to understand
> is basically what is available and what needs to be
> configured.  Some of the configuring I did at installation or
> later, but not so well that it works.
> There is not at present any file /etc/init.d/network, though
> there is one /etc/pcmcia/network.opts that seems to have the
> relevant addresses.  Does there need to be the /etc/init.d/network
> file also, and if so is there a configuration program to
> simplify making it, or can I find the format somewhere to
> just type it in?
> Also, at installation I must have typed an error in the
> domain name.  Even though I corrected it in /etc/hosts and
> /etc/pcmcia/network.opts, when I open lynx it by default tries
> to find the old, incorrect address.  Is there another file that
> needs to be changed or something that needs to be initialized?
> For a browser is Netscape the best option?  On the Debian CDs I
> see a package netscape-base-4.  Is that netscape or is that
> just support and netscape needs to be downloaded independently?
> For the phone connection I installed wvdial and it seems to find
> my isp and connect ok, from the messages it gives, but I have not
> succeeded in using the connection to connect to any site I type
> with lynx or have in the /etc/apt/sources.list file.
> Is pppconfig or another package something I should install as well?
> Thanks in advance for any explanation and advice.
> Steve

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