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network and ppp configuration

I recently installed debian 2.2r2 from cds and on a Vaio F340
and need to get it configured so I can connect to a network
by either phone modem or ethernet.  I would appreciate any
explanation that helps me get oriented here.

I have a Xircom 56 CEM 100
pcmcia card with both types of connections.  What I need to understand
is basically what is available and what needs to be
configured.  Some of the configuring I did at installation or
later, but not so well that it works.

There is not at present any file /etc/init.d/network, though
there is one /etc/pcmcia/network.opts that seems to have the
relevant addresses.  Does there need to be the /etc/init.d/network
file also, and if so is there a configuration program to
simplify making it, or can I find the format somewhere to
just type it in?

Also, at installation I must have typed an error in the 
domain name.  Even though I corrected it in /etc/hosts and
/etc/pcmcia/network.opts, when I open lynx it by default tries
to find the old, incorrect address.  Is there another file that
needs to be changed or something that needs to be initialized?

For a browser is Netscape the best option?  On the Debian CDs I
see a package netscape-base-4.  Is that netscape or is that
just support and netscape needs to be downloaded independently?

For the phone connection I installed wvdial and it seems to find
my isp and connect ok, from the messages it gives, but I have not
succeeded in using the connection to connect to any site I type
with lynx or have in the /etc/apt/sources.list file.  

Is pppconfig or another package something I should install as well?

Thanks in advance for any explanation and advice.


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