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Re: Toshiba and Macintosh !

On Sat, Mar 10, 2001 at 07:58:46PM +0800, Net Shu wrote:
> Hi Everyone:
> Question 1: "Supporting floppy disk of Libretto on linux"
>     I've searched  the "Geocrawler Archive" for any information about
> supporting the Floppy disk came with my Libretto 110CT, there is also
> several web link I've found with words "supporting floppy disk of
> libretto on linux" from "Altavista" , most of the links was out of
> date.  Anyone have clue to this Idea ?

No problem, search for floppy-cs.. I think there is a link in the Pcmcia-cs readme, where you can download the source..
After that, follow the instructions on how to patch, your kernel..
build the driver, and have fun with it ;)

it didn't take me more than 1-2 hours mainly due to my hacked kernel, I had to patch it by hand, hopefully you won't...

> Question 2: "Are You out of your mind....?" an old friend said this to
> Me!

No clue.. 
Just try to find out which Processor you have in the boxes, and get the right version..



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