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WHERE are the docs?

I was pretty much able to set up Debian on my Inspiron (apm, pcmcia,
modem and ethernet cards) from reading the HOWTO's in
/usr/share/doc/HOWTO/en-txt/ (and a little help from right here.)  The
pcmcia one was especially good.  The Debian-specific docs seem to be
in /usr/share/doc/<package-name>. There ought to be an overview of the
Debian Way To Do Networking, but I haven't found it.

Sometimes docs don't get installed when you think they should, so
using 'find ...' to find them is fruitless.  Suggestion for Debian
maintainers: at install time let me specify "I want all relevant docs
by default".  On one system I have (not my notebook) I managed
(newbily surfing through dselect) to have installed gcc, but no gcc
info pages.  It took me a while to realize I needed the gcc-doc
package.  Why not have foo-docless packages for those who really don't
want docs, and let the package foo contain the docs?


tom writes:
 > I'm really trying to RTFM but I have a heck of a time finding it.
 >  [...]

William F. Dowling
ISI/Thomson Scientific (www.isinet.com)
215-386-0100 x-1156

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