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Toshiba and Macintosh !

Hi Everyone:

Question 1: "Supporting floppy disk of Libretto on linux"

    I've searched  the "Geocrawler Archive" for any information about
supporting the Floppy disk came with my Libretto 110CT, there is also
several web link I've found with words "supporting floppy disk of
libretto on linux" from "Altavista" , most of the links was out of
date.  Anyone have clue to this Idea ?

Question 2: "Are You out of your mind....?" an old friend said this to

    Recently, I got two very old Macintosh computer, one is "Power Book
520" with only one floppy, gray scale LCD monitor, but luckily have
Ether Talk connector, another one is "Class II", as You know, the kind
of a box combine everything, includes a black and white CRT monitor, I'm
sure, both of the Mac is still working fine with OS they still
installed, but it is Mac OS.  I 'd like to "TRY" to install debian on it
:-) "Are You out of your mind....?", this is the last words I got it
from the old friend who give them to Me!

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