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Re: DGA Problems....(and other graphic stuff)

On Sun, 25 Mar 2001, Heather wrote:
> You need to edit the file /etc/vga/libvga.config.
> [snipped stuff]
> console (blind), suspending the box, and reawakening, because on mine that
> seems to issue a video reset.
well its working however for some reason when one of the programs bombs
out (ie. gravitywars :) about a file not being found) the backlight has
been turned off.  Damn strange however its better than the white/melting
scary stuff :)

> I also changed /etc/inittab so that runlevel 2, the default, only launches
> 2 text console gettys and has more in higher runlevels.  That way I don't
> waste CPU ticks on gettys I don't need.  Likewise I don't use xdm so X is
> only running if I explicitly issue startx.  And I have another runlevel (4)
> reserved to turn on all the networking things, eg. localhost webserver,
> sendmail, etc.
"you speak to me as if I'm a rookie" :)  I'm way ahead of you there, getty
has been replaced with four mingetty's and services I don't use have been
turned off.  However I'm relutent to remove squid from my laptop,
unfortunately it prevents my harddisk from spinning down and it reduces
kapm from 85% to about 50% :(  however I usually shut it down when I'm not
using it :)

> Plus, anytime I'm not using my pccards I run 'cardctl eject' after resume.
> Or, you can doctor /etc/apm/event.d/pcmcia to honor a new keyword besides
> "suspend" and "eject" that always ejects on suspend, but doesn't insert the
> cards on resume.  Don't forget one you have a new word to tell it to use
> the new plan, in /etc/pcmcia/apm.opts.
I'm happy with the pcmcia stuff, especially since I have obtained my new
flashy Netgear FA510 mcwhatsit which uses next to no power :)  Anyway if I
suspend the laptop the pcmcia system is usually in the state I want it to
be in when I resume the laptop.

thanks for the help, all that remains is the DGA stuff and the apmd
running through event.d twice! bugger.....


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