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Re: apm

> "steven k. thompson" wrote:
> > [...] Any way to get hibernation
> > back that anyone knows of?
> Depends on the BIOS.  If your machine has a Phoenix NoteBIOS, lphdisk
> (available from a Deb archive near you) will format a partition (which
> must be number 4, i.e., probably /dev/hda4) in the right way.  Check the
> boot messages from the BIOS (mine said something along the lines of
> ``can't find anywhere to suspend to, disabling this feature'' on boot
> without the relevant partition) to diagnose the problem.
If your machine has a Phoenix NoteBIOS, you should be able to pick up 
lphdisk (pronounced 'elf disk') to recreate a hibernate partition.

btw, for Phoenix' BIOS family, the hibernation volume is usually a type
A0 at the end of the drive, so probably, you wiped it out during disk
setup.  That means you'll want to use parted to reduce the final partition
so there's room for a hibernate volume again.

I don't remember if lphdisk has support to create the FAT based hibernate
volumes, which would also work - but your machine should have come with 
a diskette carrying a DOS tool for that.

> Apparently you can also suspend to a file in a FAT<something> partition,
> but I don't know how to do this, since I got rid of any trace of FAT on
> my system.  Perhaps the BIOS/machine docs tell you how to do this?

The Phoenix tool can create such a file and notify the BIOS about it.

> HTH,
> Stephen

Every time I see somebody lost their hibernate I grow fonder of my Magio,
whose BIOS has the re-hibernate thingy built in, so you never need to grab
a diskette or BBC or something to fix one.  Sigh.

* Heather Stern * star@ many places...

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