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Re: [OT] reload files from disk


> > How can one FORCE to have a program reloaded from disk and not from
> > buffer cache, when it has already been run once?
> Er, there really isn't a way to do that. However, you can flush it out
> Are you sure that's the question you really meant to ask? What is the
> actual problem you have or want to investigate?

Now, the problem was, that X crashed on startup (With a stack trace and
all, however I didn't have the complete output of the Xserver, as it
vanished upwards on the console). I first thought it was
the window-manager, so I started X without any other service running. It
crashed anyway repeatedly. This never happened before, so I supposed the
program got somehow corrupt while loading into memory. As I needed X at
the moment, I rebooted the machine. Then it worked without problems.
However, rebooting isn't the way to solve problems on a Linux machine, so
if it ever happens again, I'd like to check, if it's really a memory
issue. So far, I've not had any problems with RAM, kernel compiled without
SIG 11. 


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