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Re: Friendliest Laptop??

I have a Dell Latitude CPx,  PIII 733 or 750 (not sure) 20Gb HDD, 256Mb memory, 14.1" screen.  Everything works fine.  I'm running kernel 2.2.18, Gnome and the power management (APM) works great too.  I also run vmware with a Win98 virtual disk that is more stable than if it work natively installed.

good luck,

On Sun, Mar 04, 2001 at 08:07:33PM -0500, Yannick Asselin wrote:
> Hi guys.
> I'm looking at laptops (and drooling a bit ;) and I was wondering if
> there are any laptops that are friendly to debian...
> I've come upon the Dell Inspirion 4000 which seems to be the most bang
> for the bucks but are there any laptops that are friendlier??
> Thanks!
> Yannick

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