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Re: Badiane: CPU speed on my TP600X

i had this same problem with mine, although i didn't really notice any slowdown... so maybe it is cosmetic.  but then again i had no kernel compiling benchmarks or anything to compare to.  the way to change this value back to 650 for me was to boot to win and use the power setting in control panel to set the power settings to high (that is, make sure it is not set to low or automatic) when AC is active.  this writes the information permanently to bios so you never have to boot to windows again, yay!  an alternative is to use tpctl to set it to high, but you must put the command in your boot scripts as this setting is not permanent and will reset on shutdown/power up.  but, like the guy said, if your kernel needs an accurate speed to calibrate, maybe that's not such a good idea.

if you don't have a win partition, you can probably make a boot disk with the ps2.exe util on it that will do the same thing as the control panel util.

good luck,

On Tue, Mar 27, 2001 at 11:42:09AM -0500, Alan Shutko wrote:
> Badiane Ka <badianedebian@yahoo.com> writes:
> > My CPU speed on my laptop shows up as 132MHz instead
> > of 500MHz.  Does anyone know how I can reset it?
> You have a laptop with Speedstep and booted without AC power.  (Or, on
> a thinkpad, with AC and without a battery installed.)  The CPU speed
> is only checked on boot, not whenever it changes due to speedstep.  It
> will still be faster or slower depending on whether you have AC
> plugged in, even /proc/cpuinfo won't display the difference.
> You can just reboot on AC power and /proc/cpuinfo will show the right
> value, but it's just a cosmetic problem.
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