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Re: dhcp, cable modems...

On Thu, Mar 01, 2001 at 06:27:22PM -0800, Jason Victor wrote:
> I'm trying to configure my cable modem to work with
> Linux. I'm using Optimum Online. I have a couple of
> questions. First of all, is my ethernet card working
> if i type dmesg and see something about "eth0: Xircom
> CardBus." That is the NIC i have. second, i've been
> trying to connect with dhcpcd, and can't figure it
> out. i set up dhcpcd to work on eth0, and type ifup
> eth0, and it says "ignoring unknown interface eth0."
> i'm stuck. by the way, it sits at the starting dhcp:
> thing for a long time.

Unless you want to get turned off by optoffline, you should
disable dhcpd, since you potentially could be answering requests
for other cable modems. What you want is pump, which is the client
that will get your address.


Tim Sailer <sailer@bnl.gov> 
Information Technology Division
Brookhaven National Laboratory  (631) 344-3001

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