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Re: pcmcia network.opts

> I have two questions:
> Can anyone tell me what 'NO_CHECK' and 'NO_FUSER' means in the
> /etc/pcmcia/network.opts file?

Err, not sure.

> How would I do the following:
> I have an internal NIC (eepro100) and a pcmcia NIC (wireless).
> I want to be able to run an 'ifdown eth0' when the card is
> injected and an 'ipup eth0' when the card is removed (if there was
> an eth0 active to begin with).
> Essentially, I'm trying to rotate between no NIC, eth0 and eth1
> without too much trouble.
> What I'm looking for are recommendations on where to place the
> script in the code.

You want the keyword "noauto" in /etc/network/interfaces.

My copy of that file indicates how to tweak the PCMCIA setup so it
will use ifup and ifdown instead of its own style, so maybe you'd
like to do that.

Do you need them to toggle on/off, or do you actually need to unload
the drivers for the internal NIC, too?  It's possible to do that, too.
The example has "up" and "down" lines but you can also use "pre-up"
and "post-down" unless things have changed since my last playing with it.
So I used pre-up to force the modules that were needed, and post-down 
to force them back out.   *not* that I recommend doing that unless you
have to - in my case, it was to honor a dock.

* Heather Stern * star@ many places...

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