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Re: Toshiba and Macintosh !

Net Shu wrote:

> Hi Everyone:


> Question 2: "Are You out of your mind....?" an old friend said this to
> Me!
>     Recently, I got two very old Macintosh computer, one is "Power Book
> 520" with only one floppy, gray scale LCD monitor, but luckily have
> Ether Talk connector, another one is "Class II", as You know, the kind
> of a box combine everything, includes a black and white CRT monitor, I'm
> sure, both of the Mac is still working fine with OS they still
> installed, but it is Mac OS.  I 'd like to "TRY" to install debian on it
> :-) "Are You out of your mind....?", this is the last words I got it
> from the old friend who give them to Me!

I believe that the PowerBook 5xx machines had undocumented keyboard protocol
problems, which nobody has taken the time to reverse-engineer.  Furthermore,
they used a low-power 68040(LC?) without FPU, so the m68k port won't run on
them.  So no dice. :-(


-Adam P.

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