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Re: X on Gateway solo5300

On Mon, Mar 26, 2001 at 01:56:37AM -0500, Jing Shi wrote:
> Thanks to CaT, I have get X working well except login.  I cannot login from 

No worries. :)

> x-window.  When use startx from console, evrything is fine.  But when I login 
> from X-window, after I typed the user's name and password, the screen turned to 
> black, then flashed and finally went back to login screen.   I can see the X 
> server tried but failed ultimately.  Where could be the problem?  

I had the same problem. something about xdm seems whacky. I then
installed gdm for a while but that seemed unstable so I uninstalled
it and after that xdm worked fine.

sooo... if you want to keep xdm, install gdm, maybe use it once and
then uninstall it.

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