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Re: toshiba satellite 100cs & suspend to disk?

* f1k@gmx.de <f1k@gmx.de> [010320 11:38]:
> I have a Satellite 2595cdt and suspend to disk worked for me, and it should
> work for all Toshiba laptops with the debian package toshutils. 

Are you really sure? From the TODO file from toshutils package (1.9.10):
 * Suspend to disk on current models (not Libretto's which work by default)

> Just install it, and then run modconf to make sure the module toshiba is
> loaded, then run wmtuxtime. It opens a small window (or maybe docks into the
> panel if you run Windowmaker). At the bottom of the window there are 4 buttons.
> The second from the left causes suspend to disk. 

I think you get suspend (like "apm -s"), not suspend to disk :(


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