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[newbie] [pcmcia] Getting my PC card running w/DHCP (AFTER installation)

Hey all,

	YES! Debian Linux 2.2rev2 is FINALLY on my laptop AND (drumroll
please)...the mouse no longer registers as 3 inches to the right of where it
really is (do you have ANY idea how hard it is to navigate X that way?;)).
anyways, now I'm onto hurdle 2:

	The network.

Here is the deal: I have a Linksys PCMPC100 card.  My school's network runs
on DHCP (at least, I believe so - my desktop gets the IP addy automatically
as well as doesn't use a gateway or a dns server...)  I did not select my
card or DHCP during setup (not quite sure if there were options and I just
missed them or what...it was 2 am when I finally got linux on there:)

Anyways, now I would like to set it up...but I have NO idea what to do now.
I know my card can work under linux (the readme file on the driver disk
tells me to edit /etc/pcmcia/network.opts...but network.opts doesn't seem to
allow for DHCP since it wants me to enter IP and DNS stuff...)  Also, I'm
not even sure if my card is working...the lights go on, so I assume that is
a yes, but I can't access anything.  Finally, I did a find / -iname dhcp*
and didn't find anything...should I need some file (a daemon? or is that
only if I am running the actual DHCP server?)?

Thanks a lot for the help...I'm just lost as how to even begin figuring out
what to do (i.e. how can I set up dhcp if I don't even know if my card is

thanks again!

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