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when I Resume from Suspend/Hibernate or even power up, my ethernet
is down.

I have been in the routine of issuing:
ifdown eth0 && sleep 2 && ifup eth0
and it works.

According to IFCONFIG it's "UP", but no pings.

my interfaces file includes the line
'auto eth0'
which I thought was supposed to remedy this.

It's kind of a new problem.  It wasn't doing this before, but I
don't know what changed exactly in between.  Probably a pile of
"apt-get update && apt-get upgrade" happened in there someplace. 
But I wouldn't expect that to change anything like this.

Suggestions on what to look at next?  I was going to check out my
"route -n" but that should set by the interfaces file and I
haven't done anything there in weeks.

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