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Re: Mouse under X

> Hello,
> I suspect you may not have the "correct" type of keyboard
> specified in your XF86Config file...  I'm no expert on these
> new keyboards with the funny "Windows?" key, but I
> I remember seeing information a while back on the 102, versus
> 103, or whatever.  This funny looking key might start working
> (or at least generating X keyboard events) if you try some of
> the other keyboard "types".
> When you used XFree 3, did the emulate 3D buttons work, and
> YOU were not happy with it, but it allowed paste, etc.?  Or
> was the SYSTEM not happy with it?
> John

Under X 3, in various configurators, it should be sufficient to tell it 
you have the "104 key keyboard" or depending on the tool, "Microsft Natural"

That declares 3 extra keys, rt-win, lt-win, and macro. (I think that both
win keys use the code AltGr to indicate which shifter bit they use. If
I'm mixing my console and Xwin logic sorry, it's been awhile since I needed
to worry about this)

If your machine doesn't have all 3 of the extras it's no harm.

* Heather Stern * star@ many places...

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