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Re: pcmcia network.opts

Heather wrote:
> > I have two questions:
> >
> > Can anyone tell me what 'NO_CHECK' and 'NO_FUSER' means in the
> > /etc/pcmcia/network.opts file?
> Err, not sure.
> > How would I do the following:
> > I have an internal NIC (eepro100) and a pcmcia NIC (wireless).
> > I want to be able to run an 'ifdown eth0' when the card is
> > injected and an 'ipup eth0' when the card is removed (if there was
> > an eth0 active to begin with).
> > Essentially, I'm trying to rotate between no NIC, eth0 and eth1
> > without too much trouble.
> > What I'm looking for are recommendations on where to place the
> > script in the code.
> You want the keyword "noauto" in /etc/network/interfaces.
> My copy of that file indicates how to tweak the PCMCIA setup so it
> will use ifup and ifdown instead of its own style, so maybe you'd
> like to do that.
> Do you need them to toggle on/off, or do you actually need to unload
> the drivers for the internal NIC, too?  It's possible to do that, too.
> The example has "up" and "down" lines but you can also use "pre-up"
> and "post-down" unless things have changed since my last playing with it.
> So I used pre-up to force the modules that were needed, and post-down
> to force them back out.   *not* that I recommend doing that unless you
> have to - in my case, it was to honor a dock.
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Hmm..   I'll take a look at this.  Thanks for the pointer.
And no, I can pretty much leave the modules in. Wouldn't
'autoclean' remove them eventually if they aren't in use?  Or is
that more myth?

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