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Re: install in asony laptop vaio c1ve without cd-rom

Here is my idea. 

Read how to reinstall Windoze system first. If it is from CDROM, you
stick bootable Debian CDROM and proceed just like rescue process.  No
big deal, I think.  Another process is start Linux from DOS mode using
dos boot loader.

Real problem is to get dual boot right.  Shrinking installed Windoze is
one way but having clean install of windows in case it break is problem.

I had tough time with Toshiba.  I needed to change script of WIN98 boot
floppy.  See my web page www.aokiconsulting.com/pc/ fro detail.

Oh, if rescue process only uses CDROM, you need to create bootable CD-R
for rescue CD with modified script.  Otherwise, it will zap all your
Linux. It is easy to make bootable image with cdrecord.

At any rate, this is not for faint hearted.


On Sun, Mar 04, 2001 at 12:45:07AM +0100, GENIS MADRIA JOSEP wrote:
> Hello, i need help with installing debian in the vaio sony c1ve. There was an error option but it was too expensive.. I didn't buy the sony cd-rom to boot. 
> I first tried to install using loadlin but i could't beucause the laptop coming from sony preinstaled with win millenium (with f8 in start there's no posibility to boot in dos mode.
> My second option was using a rescue floppy with a 2.4.1 kernel (because the floppy device to boot is a usb-floppy) and install using the hard disk option, but i also could't . I don't know how to pass the right boot parameters at startup to mount the root-floppy.
> thank's for the help.               Josep Genis
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