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interesting apm stuff

hmmmm I may as well squeeze all the "features" out of my laptop.  however
this is about it :)  So I'm not doing too badly, everything else runs just
dicky :)

on a resume from either suspend or hibernation for some reason apmd runs
through my /etc/apm/event.d twice!  I don't know why, but it does.  Any
ideas.  In the event.d directory is just the usual apmd package files and
a few of my own to update the cpu's microcode (actually has sped up my
laptop for some reason....not that I'm complaining....just speading the
knowledge :) ) and re-optimizing the harddisk and irqtuning.  The scripts
I have made are built from just adjusting the apmd package ones, so I
don't think I have buggered up on the creation of them.


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