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Re: x configuration on sony vaio

amael wrote:
> okay...it didn't work at first so i installed some more packages and
> eventually tried XF86Setup and it basically worked fine (messed up screen
> though) so i used my config file instead -- didn't work. so i ran XF86Setup
> again, this time trying to more or less reproduce my old config file with
> that setup program, and this time i even got a nice screen and a good
> resolution. anyway, when i run startx it doesn't work either. the problem is
> with X because i get the following output when i run either X or startx:
> var: allowed_users, value: rootonly.
> var: nice_value, value: -10.
It looks like it is asking you to be logged in as root to startx. You
can also do something like the following to capture the output of
startx > x.txt 2>&1
Hope this helps,
eric :-)

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