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Re: DGA Problems....(and other graphic stuff)

> well its working however for some reason when one of the programs bombs
> out (ie. gravitywars :) about a file not being found) the backlight has
> been turned off.  Damn strange however its better than the white/melting
> scary stuff :)

Glad to hear that's better.  I sure know how creepy that whiteout feels!

> > I also changed /etc/inittab so that runlevel 2, the default, only launches
> > 2 text console gettys and has more in higher runlevels.  That way I don't
> > waste CPU ticks on gettys I don't need.  Likewise I don't use xdm so X is
> > only running if I explicitly issue startx.  And I have another runlevel (4)
> > reserved to turn on all the networking things, eg. localhost webserver,
> > sendmail, etc.
> >
> "you speak to me as if I'm a rookie" :) 

Actually, I usu. babble like this because I'm a completist and I know it
goes in the archives, but as I get closer to my work week on LG I do aim
more noviceward than usual.  I think.

> I'm way ahead of you there, getty has been replaced with four mingetty's 
> and services I don't use have been turned off. 


> However I'm relutent to remove squid from my laptop,
> unfortunately it prevents my harddisk from spinning down and it reduces
> kapm from 85% to about 50% :(  however I usually shut it down when I'm not
> using it :)

Hmm, maybe you can find a caching system that doesn't do busy work when
the web isn't busy?  We've got lots of .deb's after all...

I use squid myself, but only on the desktop.  I go too many different sites
from the laptop to get much gain.

> I'm happy with the pcmcia stuff, especially since I have obtained my new
> flashy Netgear FA510 mcwhatsit which uses next to no power :) 

Excellent, I'll have to look for that card when I'm next getting toys...
I always have like Netgear's hubs :)

> thanks for the help, all that remains is the DGA stuff and the apmd
> running through event.d twice! bugger.....
> Alex

Well for that last, apm's commands all go via some text scripts, so we
can probably find what code it sees when resuming that makes it do that.

* Heather Stern * star@ many places...

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