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Re: Challenge: installing laptop from ?

On Fri, 2 Mar 2001, hanasaki wrote:
> Anyone up for it?
> I need to get debian - potato? - running on it.
> Toshiba Protege Series 7100
> CD-ROM Drive doesn't seem to read CDR/CDRW only commericial disks
> Ethernet PCMICA card - 3CCEFE574BT
> Toshiba ToPIC100 - I think
>         http://www.linuxdoc.org/HOWTO/PCMCIA-HOWTO-1.html
>         ie: experimental
well it would be the easiest install I've done so far, however you could
take many cheap quick ways of doing this

a) rip our harddisk pay £5 for a 2.5" to 3.5" IDE converter, plug laptop
harddisk into desktop machine, ta da.

b) install the base disks off floppy, get one parallel cable and do a PLIP

c) if you have windows on the machine, make a seperate vfat partition to
make a copy of the files on the CD that come from a remote machines shared
CDROM drive that will read the CD's.  Then when you use the rescue/root
disk you will be ablhe to install from the harddisk to
the...erm....harddisk :)

d) are you sure its just doesn't like a few types of CDR/CDRW.  My laptop
hates CDRW's however its *generally* happy with most CDR's, but every now
and again its plays $£""!. :)  If this is the case do a re-burn of the CD
onto a different type of CDR media.  Choose a different company, don't use
dodgy 90min CD's, keep with the 74min.

e) look in Laptop-HOWTO for a few other techniques.

f) borrow a friends 16bit PCMCIA ethernet card instead as that is
supported (under PCIC compatibility mode), if I read the details correctly

I could come up with more however the "techniques" I use depend upon
highly what other stuff we have lying around the flat.  We have the IDE
converters about (then again we have now burnt out five so far, maybe we
need a new supplier :) ) so that would usually what we would do.  My
second line of action would be to use an old 16bit PCMCIA adaptec SCSI
card we have and a scsi CDROM drive thats lying around.

Really what do you have to your disposal.....if you live in the London, UK
area I'm more than happy to help, however as this is a global mailing list
I bet this is not a solution :)

good luck


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