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Re: [tlinux-users:00964] maximum hard drive limitations?

Drew, et al --

...and then Drew Parsons said...
% This question isn't strictly Linux, but I hope you'll be kind :)

Hey, I woke up on the right (that is, left ;-) side of the bed, so I
can manage.

% I have a Toshiba 490CDT model, which comes with a 3.8GB harddrive, and the
% Toshiba docs seem to be saying that the maximum drive that can put in the
% computer is 6GB.

Here's what little data I can provide.  I have a Tecra8000 with a
12G (oops, that's "14 billion bytes", and the marketers won't let you
forget it!) drive, and I know that the T8k units were shipping with 18G
(probably really about 16G) drives before the 8100 and 8200 came out
(can one still buy an 8000?).  When I bought mine 17 months ago, you
could either get up to a 6G drive for the SelectBay and thus swap it
out for the CD/DVD or floppy *or* you could get a non-removable second
12G drive.  I elected to go for the removable model, but of course have
done some playing since then.

I've found that the box will, of course, boot from the 6G drive in the
primary slot (or in the SB if I tell the BIOS that).  Nothing I've been
able to do, however, will get the box to recognize the 12G drive in the
SB when I just pop it on (sans carrier, since the drive is taller and
it doesn't fit).  Toshiba said that you could buy a model like that,
but I can't get it to work.

At the moment, I have the opportunity to work with both my failing 12G
drive and the new replacement, so perhaps after its return to the shop
to get the SB working again I can try 'em both and see if there's some
silly requirement like "the primary drive must be not smaller than the
SB drive" or some such; if it won't, then I have to assume that the BIOS
has been told to only go to 6G for that drive.

With a new 12G drive (no about of love or money, aside from full price at
too much markup, has convinced Tosh to let me buy my way up to a bigger
drive as part of this replacement) freshly installed, I'm not likely to
be interested in another drive for some 19 months or so, but I'll be very
interested in your results in anticipation of that time.  Please be sure
to send a summary to the lists (or at least to me)!

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