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Re: How do I finish an install of X?

> On Tue, Mar 06, 2001 at 02:29:55PM -0800, Heather wrote:
> > console-apt, usually typed 'capt' and previously called 'deity', uses the
> > apt mechanisms but also provides a curses front end.  It's only about a 
> > billion times more fun to use than dselect...
> > 
> > 	apt-get install console-apt
> > 	apt-get update
> > 	capt
> > 
> > ...enjoy!
>  Thanks dude.  I need to get a slower internet connection so I can play
> captris longer while capt does its download... ;-)

Yeah, I've always been a tetris-clone fan...
>  It's been too long since you used apt-get; I think you meant
>  apt-get update; apt-get install console-apt; cap;  (update before install :)
Actually, console-apt's development isn't moving very fast, so it would 
probably work, but...

yep, I went to a convention this weekend after using up my stock of Midnight
Oil the workweek before, and it's obviously showing.  More soda pop for star!

Also worth mentioning, not because it has any use as an installer (it doesn't)
but aptitude is also an apt related front end.  That shows dependencies in
a directory-tree style, which may be helpful if you're trying to plan adding
some major apps.

I usually don't dig it out, merely depending on capt allowing me to confirm
my selections (including the automatic ones) before issuing the download.
(I like to think c:onfirm then c:ommit.) Been pretty handy for avoiding 
libc changes until they settle in.

>  Anyway, now that I've got it installed on my IA32 box (it's got broken deps
> on powerpc :(, it doesn't seem to ever show anything about recommended or
> suggested packages, though. 

Like I said, dev's been slow :(

> I like how dselect lets you see the raw package info if you want to.  I 
> read the man page and the online help but didn't see anything about it.

Well, you can see if I'm wrong about aptitude not having install features,
I suppose.

* Heather Stern * star@ many places...

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