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Re: quality of postscript display

On Fri, Mar 16, 2001 at 04:40:32PM -0500, Steven K Thompson wrote:
> I have Debian 2.2r2 on a Vaio F340 laptop.  When I view a
> postscript file with gv, the type is broken and hard to
> read on the display.  This is true for example when I try 
> to view files in the Debian documentation that are provided
> in postscript form, such as debian-guide, and is also true
> when I have created the postscript file myself with dvips.
>   In contrast, the type is very clear
> for example when viewing a latex dvi file with xdvi.
> Would my problem have to do with the fonts used in the
> postscript file or something quite different?
> I would appreciate any explanation and advice anyone can
> provide on this.

dvips-produced postscript files always look terrible on screen.  Read the
HTML version.  If you want to produce screen-viewable stuff with LaTeX, use
pdflatex to make a PDF.  That way, you'll get scalable fonts and things will
work well.  I don't know all the details of how fonts work and stuff, but I
do know that what you see is normal.  If you just want to view on screen,
then stick with xdvi.
  (BTW, some people on my LUG mailing list were trying to produce a PDF
version of the debian-guide, for the benefit of people with windows
computers.  pstopdf ends up using bad fonts (unless you configure it a
certain way, which I don't remember), so it's not even readable when viewed
with xpdf.  pdflatex produced a PDF where the text was offset half off the
page to the right.  If you have the spare time to figure out what's going
on, that would be great.  Debian should make a PDF version of the
debian-guide available, at least one we figure out how to make one that
looks right and uses scalable fonts.)

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