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Re: Quick-access buttons on Toshiba 2775XDVD?

On Tue, Feb 20, 2001 at 09:49:17PM +1100, Drew Parsons wrote:
> I've got a 490CDT, so I can't help with the silver buttons or the little
> mouse buttons, don't have 'em.
> About the suspend problems, I would suppose they're related to your APM
> configuration.  You have:


> which I believe worked for me. 
> I can't guarantee my particular kernel options will fix your problem, but it's
> something to try. 
No workie :o/

> I note you don't have the CONFIG_TOSHIBA option turned on, which lets you
> change BIOS settings and running a couple of Toshiba specific utilities
> (toshutils and toshset pacakges).  I don't believe it should affect your
> ability to suspend, though. 
> Drew
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