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Re: dhcp with pcmcia

Andrew D Dixon wrote:
> Hi All,
> I'm trying to configure my laptop to use dhcp and I'm running into some
> trouble.
> Formerly it was using a static IP address so I went into /etc/pcmcia and
> edited network.opts deleting all of the static stuff and I added:
>         DHCP="y"
> Now, when I inster my ethernet card I get two beeps, one high and the second
> low (problem).  the LED's on the jack indicate that the connection's OK but
> ifconfig doesn't show an entry for eth0.
You need pump or dhclient installed to negotiate with the dhcpd where
you are getting your address and other network params.

ifconfig should show lo.(loopback) 

Use ifconfig to start the interface.

ifconfig eth0 up 

Hope this helps,
Eric :-)

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