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Re: Schemes

* tom <tallison@telocity.com> [010328 14:37]:
> Can someone point me to a discussion on this network scheme idea
> that is outlined in the pcmcia network scripts?
> In theory I should be able to tell the computer a scheme
> (home/work, wireless/lan) and it will configure the ifconfig and
> route information accordingly.
> I am interested in that.

Take a look at the next PCMCIA HowTo sections:
    4.3 PCMCIA network adapters
    5.2 How can I have separate device setups for home and work?

If you need more sofisticated solutions, look at the Mobile-Guide,
    V. On the road / 9. Different environments / Configuration Tools

> I am also interested in figure out a way to kill my eth0 when eth1
> (pcmcia) comes up (cardctl insert).

Maybe you can use for this the start_fn and stop_fn functions in your
/etc/pcmcia/network.opts; you can put there the extra stuff you want to
run after setting up (start_fn) or before setting down (stop_fn) the


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