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Re: toshiba satellite 100cs & suspend to disk?

I have a Satellite 2595cdt and suspend to disk worked for me, and it should
work for all Toshiba laptops with the debian package toshutils. 
Just install it, and then run modconf to make sure the module toshiba is
loaded, then run wmtuxtime. It opens a small window (or maybe docks into the
panel if you run Windowmaker). At the bottom of the window there are 4 buttons.
The second from the left causes suspend to disk. 
The other buttons didn't do anything when I tried them. I also didnt find
the dialog where you're supposed to be able to set the apm settings. That
module always set the sleep time for display and harddrive to 3 minutes and I
suspect it set the CPU processing speed to low without telling me. 
So I uninstalled that package. But I'd like to use suspend to disk, so if
anyone here can tell me how to make that package work the way I want it I'd be
glad to reinstall it.


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