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Re: Today's Challange

> G'Day !
> Yes that is how I was planning on doing 2 thru N, I guess I was not clear 
> on the question.
> My question was which files do I copy from destktop to /dev/hdb and how do 
> I make it bootable.  I can not figure out how to run the install program 
> dbootstrap to configure the base system.

I posted a fairly long slice of mail awhile back about installing debian
without using the debian installer. 

The approcimate steps are - 
	* get access to the system such that you can make partitions
	* make a swap and / at least
	* drop "Base" into it, using whetever method works
	* drop a kernel kit into it, since Base doesn't come with one
	* clear /sbin/setup.sh so it doesn't stop coming in
	* fix /etc/fstab to be correct
	* fix /etc/lilo.conf to be correct & run /sbin/lilo;
	  alternatively setup a dif't boot method (floppy, or loadlin)
	* possibly also doctor network values so it will see network
	  (/etc/network/interfaces for regular boxen or builtin cards,
	   drop in card services, have pcmcia modules for pccards,
	   and don't forget punp/dhclient or to set fixed values in
	* reboot 

...though I might have gone into more detail.  Much easier if you have
bootability from a floppy, there are lots of rescue floppies, incl. just
installing debian via floppy.

> Do I need to make a boot floppy, to boot the desktop and then install from 
> CD to /dev/hdb ?  I would rather not, the CD is rather exotic and a pain 
> to setup.

Possible to install "just like CD" from about 12 to 15 floppies.

> cheers,
> Jim Parker

Sail onward merrily!

* Heather Stern * star@ many places...

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