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ioctl problem

Whenever I change scheme's I get the following message:

root-bash# cardctl scheme office
checking: eth0 ttyS1
Changing scheme from 'home' to 'office'...
ioctl: Operation not supported

The scheme changes okay and it registers in syslog as:

Mar 12 09:08:30 localhost cardmgr[165]: + ioctl: Operation not supported

I also see this ioctl error in syslog:

Mar 12 08:58:08 localhost kernel:        [ext2_delete_inode+155/164] [ext2_put_inode+16/24] [iput+184/552] [__brelse+28/100] [__brelse+19/100] [ext2_unlink+399/412] [sys_ioctl+379/408] [error_code+45/52] 

I haven't found what this is about yet.  Can someone point me in the right direction?


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