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Re: pcmcia sound card?

For cd-rom support I have a back pack cd-rom And now know how to get 
paralle port devices to work . I intend post a progress report on my 
travails. As to the sound card check out www.pricewatch.com for a list of 
dealers on all kinds of computer equipment. Greetings from the american 
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On 03/02/2001, 11:53:27 AM, Bostjan Muller <neonatus@neonatus.net> wrote 
regarding pcmcia sound card?:

> Hi!

> I'd really like to buy a PCMCIA sound card for my toshiba satellite 100cs
> laptop, which is running Debian GNU/Linux, but I cannot seam to find any
> companies in Slovenia, Austria, Italy or Germany which sell these cards, 
I am
> looking for the cheapest possible working option, and I was wondering if
> someone could please point out to me which card to buy - I don't need 
> fancy, just an ordinary pcmcia sound card.

> THX in advance!

> Bostjan
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