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Re: hibernation

Steven K Thompson wrote:
> Is it reasonable for me to infer from this that hibernation used the end of
> the original "C" partition hda1?  What I read mostly says hibernation
> uses hda4 but the partition tables did not list an hda4 before I
> created it to install Debian.  Also, now that I have four primary
> partitions I can not create a new hda4 as a new hibernation partition
> as some have suggested, at least without reorganizing things in some way.


In fact, Phoenix bioses can have hibernation-partition or
So I presume that shrinking the Windows partition modified the position
of the partition file, so the bios can't find it anymore.

> Would there be some way I could reinstall hibernation in the last portion
> of hda1 or elsewhere using something like phdisk or lphdisk or
> some other means?  So far I have not located a description or
> documentation for phdisk.

You can use phdisk under DOS (no option or /? -> help page)
to (re)make an hibernation-file.

lphdisk works under Linux and creates hibernation-partitions.
It's less error-prone than phdisk (phdisk can write over another
partition, it happened to me : it maked its partition in the middle
of my (at this time empty) /usr/local partition.

> Thanks in advance to anyone who can give me an explanation of this.
> Steve

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