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Re: Friendliest Laptop??

> Hi guys.
> I'm looking at laptops (and drooling a bit ;) and I was wondering if
> there are any laptops that are friendly to debian...
> I've come upon the Dell Inspirion 4000 which seems to be the most bang
> for the bucks but are there any laptops that are friendlier??
> Thanks!
> Yannick

Improve the criteria please, do you mean "current models I can buy with
a manufacturer's warranty" ?  Also what sort of "friendly" features are
you looking for?

Ex: My Magio works great, as you would expect considering it's 3 years
    old so all the support was long ago debugged, as well as the fact 
    that during that season "3D Video Acceleration" hadn't gotten trendy
    yet.  It's friendly for sure.  Good luck getting one tho :(

LAPTOP Magazine, lists in its charts at the back a number of vendors 
including a column showing their sound chip and video chip.  These might
not be at the level of detail we'd really enjoy but if you've been keeping
up one which chipsets are a pain, it could keep you out of trouble.

Also, some vendors actaully preload with Linux - while admittedly these
are usually RedHat, you can look at the configs, copy off any modules
or services that support proprietary annoyances, and then use them in
your debian kit.  Or be an RH/Debian dual boot :D 

* Heather Stern * star@ many places...

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