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Re: [tlinux-users:00965] Re: maximum hard drive limitations?

> Here's what little data I can provide.  I have a Tecra8000 with a
> 12G (oops, that's "14 billion bytes", and the marketers won't let you
> forget it!) drive, and I know that the T8k units were shipping with 18G
> (probably really about 16G) drives before the 8100 and 8200 came out

*** I had a 18GB disk (MK1814GAV) in my T8000 before I switched to a T8100
(with 12GB). The machine was originally purchased with this disk.

The 8100/8200 series works fine with 20GB disks (as long as it's a 9.5mm
high drive such as the MK2016GAP from Toshiba). They (i.e. Toshiba) have
also recently announced the MK3017GAP - a 30GB ATA-5 9.5mm disk with a
100MB/s transfer rate (compared to 66MB/s of the MK2016GAP).

At present I have no idea if the 30GB model works on the 8K series.


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