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0.93R6 Boot Disk U34F Loop 501 trauma continues ae-243-*.deb Andrew Howell: Re: Is xntpd OK? apropos seg faults ATAPI IDE CDROMS (sorry for yelling :-) auctex setup backspace in netscape Base floppies delayed - Bruce's internet connection down Base package installation problems cont... bleeding-edge kernel for those with special devices Re: boot and root disk Buslogic Controller on Debian Install calls to ld Can I mount -t nfs to the Debian archive? cannot get ps/2 mouse to work with x11 cannot get ps/2 mouse to work with x11 (part II) can't compile dosemu Re: can't find the installation disks... can't mount logical partitions! :-( cat: virtual memory exausted CD-ROM problems and "mount" error message problem convert dynamic binary --> static binary possible? Cron job with bad news C++ with elf-gcc-2.7.0.deb Re: debian 0.93pl5 installation Debian GNU/Linux 0.93 Release 6 now available Re: Debian is GPF only?!? deb modules dftp Does emacs need X? dpkg Selective Install Easy PPP installation elf-efence anyone? (was: C++ with elf-gcc-2.7.0.deb) /etc/rc.boot/console /etc/init.d/consloe Fixes for libc or xntp? Free and non-free software in Debian FTP Debian installation FTP Installation & Package Naming Conventions Re: FTP method for "dselect" needed fvwm can't parse colors! Re: fvwm config-file (fwd) shadow-3.3.2 (fwd) [HELP] Telnet connection refused Help with a PS/2 installation (.91 Beta) Hint: fvwm config-file How do I get 1.47 base 1 file on a 1.44 floppy? Re: how to write a floppy using dd how to write a floppy using dd? ifconfig and routing tables image-1.2.13-4.deb Re: image-1.2.3-4.deb Imake template? the incompatibility between gpm and X should be proclaimed more loudly initial Installation Assistance Needed Installation problems Installing debian from floppies. installing TeX inverse of `adduser'? Re: inverse of `adduser'? (fwd) Is this list alive ? Is xntpd OK? Re: Kernels etc kpathsea latex related questions LinuxWare (NetWare clone) LinWare mailinglist Re: The Long March The Long March To whom it may concern: Lost colors found, thanks. lpt woes Re: lwared `man' can't load `', etc. message logging at bootup Re: MH + smail | sendmail + POP MidNight Commander anyone? Mirroring Mirror ls-laR Mirror programs mirror programs Re: Mirror programs More Adaptec 2940 Woes Mouse problems with old logitech mouse MTA problem name resolve question Network trouble with netscape [was: backspace in netscape] New base package... Re: Newbie questions about installing and documentation New debian packages? Re: NFS install? Re: NFS install? (and other install problems) Off-topic (was Re: C++ with elf-gcc-2.7.0.deb) Order of packages? "Out of the box" R6 install package caveats Package requests? Partition 4; different phys/log endings Partitioning HD strategy *Please* release R6. Please remove obsolete dosemu post-release package update policy ppp-2.2-1 build Re: ppp: invocation by users? ppp: invocation by users? and pppd dies - reports SIGHUP - why? PPP not available on this system PPP "out of date" message? Re: Problem instaling Debian on a Large IDE Problem with dpkg and gzip Re: Python mirror script? (Was: Mirroring Results: Mirroring Debian run-parts doesn't do symlinks Sendmail blues and need an editor slirp help - slakware->deb config files? Smail Smail and procmail smail confusion Smail - installation? some good news! latex2html works! start-stop-daemon grammar??? Re: Symbolic Link Error sysklogd: Bug or misconfig on my end? talk daemon Re: telnet+su root->thermal process TeX TeX capabilities of debian TeX, emtex, and dosemu TeX woes top and no stdin Total mystery (to me). typing arrow keys at login Used to be Re: C++ with elf-gcc-2.7.0.deb users can't login & other weirdities Re: Various things When to upgrade? Which keyboard to choose .. while compiling Perl ... Why are base 1 through 3 not compressed? X and Mice xdvi question X options in XDM? You are subscribed to the debian-user mailing list Your help needed ypadduser perhaps? The last update was on 09:57 GMT Sun Aug 16. There are 444 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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